When To Call A Steward

  • You have questions about the union or about the contract.

  • You have been called into a meeting with management that could lead to discipline.

  • You think your rights have been violated at work.

  • Management isn't following their own policies or honoring the contract.

  • Management is violating local, state, or federal labor laws.

  • You want to get more involved in building a voice for you and your coworkers at your worksite.

When Contacting A Steward Be Prepared To:

  • Recount the issue, situation, or story in accurate details. It's a good idea to make notes when a situation arises. Accurate records are one of the most important parts of filing a grievance.

  • If possible, identify which article of the contract, or what laws, are being violated.

  • Check in with your coworkers and ask for, or offer, support as needed.

  • Work together and take action with your steward, affected coworkers, and other union members to fight for a fair resolution.

  • Stick with it! Management may try to stall as a way of not having to change or fix the problem. Winning takes not giving up the fight.

I think it’s important to know that you
have coworkers who want to stand by,
support, and listen to you when you need.
Someone who has your back.
— Will Zeigler, City of Portland, REC